School-Specific Questions

In addition to the broader admissions-related questions listed below, we have developed FAQs with specific information on school policies, procedures and student needs. Please visit the School and Unit Coronavirus Websites page for school-specific information.

Prospective and Admitted Students

1. Will the coronavirus outbreak have any effect on the admissions process for prospective or newly admitted students?

The coronavirus outbreak will not impact how the University evaluates applications for admission to any of its programs. As most of our academic activities are been tilted toward our Online Education, all resumption will begin there.

For undergraduate students admitted to Hill City University through our Early Decision round and anyone else who has received an offer of admission to the University, rest assured that your admission offer is in no way jeopardized by the health crisis. As for how this outbreak may affect your transition to The University Campus, it is still too early to provide any concrete information.

2. Will the May 11 Resumption for admitted students be extended given COVID-19 developments?

We do not expect the May 11 Resumption date to change. We will provide robust virtual programming for admitted students and find creative ways to remotely connect them with the Hill City University community.  

3. Will the COVID-19 response affect Hill City University’s review of transfer students?

We do not expect COVID-19 to affect our transfer review process. While our official deadline for transfer applicants is March 25, we are able to be flexible with later submissions, and our application will remain open until April 30. Students who wish to apply as transfer students after April 30 can email to request a deadline extension, which may be granted on a case by case basis. We expect to release decisions for transfer applicants on a rolling basis between mid-April and mid-May. 

If your transfer application materials are delayed because of circumstances related to COVID-19, we will do our best to be flexible. While we are not able to waive standardized testing requirements, we can accept various types of late materials so long as your Common Application or Coalition Application is submitted on time.

4. Can prospective students register for a tour and information session at any of the university campus?

At this time, all programming any of the university campus has been canceled at least through May 31. Families should check the admissions website for updates. 

5. If the University does not resume on-campus classes in the fall, may incoming first-years request a deferral to begin in fall 2021?

At this point, the University has not announced any changes or anticipated changes to fall quarter. While we fully understand the desire to see what’s around the corner, we don’t expect to know more until summer. Of course, our deep hope is that it will be safe for the HCU community to come back together and resume courses on campus in late September. (Our quarter-system means that our academic year begins later than most.)

The University’s infomation team is posting all Covid-19-related announcements on this website, and we recommend checking this for updates. New information and FAQs will be posted here as the circumstances surrounding the pandemic.

Our deadline to seek approval for a gap year proposal is July 1, so admitted students who accept their offer on or before May 1 will still have two months to request a deferral. 

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