Starting a new life in a new country is one of the most exciting things that can happen to someone but it comes with it’s load of stress and responsibilities, and for student it can quickly turn to be more strenuous than what they thought. Been able to adapt this new culture and environment is what will determine the level of comfort one can get in his new habitat. The same apply for students who are new in a town, region or country. Some of the major factors to which students need to adapt are accommodation, language and culture.


One of the major problem that humanity has been facing is that of that of accommodation. Getting a good apartment can be more difficult than what we think, having a roommate with which we can share the bills can be helpful not just, because it will help to split the bills but also because it can help to adapt more easily to the new environment.  Another problem that they might face is the adaptation to the new language, without them understanding, it might be very difficult for them to get some of the basic services that they need like transport, food, health services and many more. Making friends that understand them, using an online interpreter or using other means of communication are some of the solutions to these problems. As for the culture the easiest way to adapt to it is to observe the indigenes of the town and asking people that have been in the town, Region or Country for a long while to learn from their experience.


Adapting to such a huge change is not something that happens in a day it need time and patience in order to get familiar with this new lifestyle. There are still many other issues to which foreign student need to adapt when they get to a new environment but as the natural instinct of man is to survive one can adapt to all type of situation as long as we don’t give up

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