Online/Distance Learning


About Our Online Program:

Advance your career. pursue your passion. Keep learning.

Expand your world without ever leaving your home by earning a degree from Hill-City University Learning Management system (LMS).

We know the challenges international students face when trying to enroll in a degree programs at traditional university: time, cost, and relocation. That’s why our online degree for international students allow you to study from the comfort of your own home and prepare for new opportunities

Whether you’re looking for a PhD, masters, a bachelor’s degree or Professional training online such as IELTS, TOEFL, French B1/B2 and America Nursing NCLEX Training.

Our online degree programs are flexible and built to be tailored towards your interest and goals. In your online classes, you’ll learn and collaborate with students from all over the world, doing engaging, challenging work that will help you grow professionally and spiritually. We’ve been preparing students like you for success since inception, and we have the programs and faculty to do the same for you

When you learn online at Hill-City University, you connect to a world-class faculty, highly motivated students, supportive staff, and academic programs that provide specialized skills in some of the most competitive industry

The Pedagogy of Our Online Program:  

  • Complete your admission form to secure your admission letter
  • Make your payment to gain access into our online portal
  • Registration on the portal to have your student portal
  • Forum to communicate with lecturers and students
  • Flexible Live classes and Study Materials will be sent to you from the Administrator
  • You are to study independently at you on free period and communicate with the online coordinator for any assistance
  • The coordinator will then upload tutorials, self-assessment questions to you which you will answer and its automatically submit to the administrator
  • Then you prepare for your examination online (you can ask the administrator the nature of the exam)
  • Same procedures is compulsory for each level and courses

City University

This emphasizes the importance the University attach to the attainment of excellent Education imbued with Godliness (fear of God) as Related to Human health and good living in all its programmes. This motto is the trailblazer of all academic pursuits in the University..

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