Hill City University Affiliations and Associations

Hill City University Affiliations and Associations

Hill City University Benin encourages you to expand your experiences and opportunities in the field by exploring Professional affiliations and memberships providing opportunities for our students to receive up-to-date content that supports them in their academic programs, to increase their networking opportunities, and to access materials and information from a variety of excellent sources.


Professional Bodies

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Affiliated Bodies

Cavendish University Zambia is a private university located in Lusaka, Zambia and is expected to move to Kafue town where a new campus is being built.
Texila American University Zambia is a private University, established in 2016 that offers quality education with a wide range of career-focused programs.
International University, Bamenda is the oldest private university in Cameroon; created in 1990 by Dr. Patrick Chefu Fusi, No. 00056 and Approved by the Ministry of Higher Education to ...
Hill-City University of Science and Technology, Republic of Liberia is purely based on the opinions, ideas and initiatives of some renowned scholars and Christians brothers and sisters who are Liberians and Nigerians

How to Affiliate with HCUB

An institution applying for affiliation with Our university shall make an application to the Registrar of the university on prescribed form at least 6 months prior to the date from which affiliation is sought. There shall be an application processing fee at such rates as may be prescribed by university / MOU. The Institute seeking affiliation shall satisfy the affiliating University / MOU with regard to objectives of the Institute and credentials of the members of the corporate body. The Institute shall only offer those programmes which are offered by the affiliating University / MOU The C.V’s of faculty shall be provided along with application for affiliation. The procedure to be followed in disposing of an application for the affiliation of an institution shall be such as may be prescribed by the affiliating universities. The Syndicate / Senate / BOG may, on the recommendation of the Affiliation Committee, grant or refuse affiliation to an educational institution.

Conditions governing the grant of affiliation:

The provisions for affiliation of institution shall be governed by the following conditionality’s:

Institutional and academic:

  • That the institution is to be under the management of a regularly constituted governing body;
  • That the institution must be suitable from academic point of view. Sustainable physical viability, availability of water, electricity, fuel gas, telephones and internet must be ensured;
  • That the Institution must implement/meet the HEC Quality Criteria at main campus as well as affiliated institution.
  • That the institution must be easily accessible to students and general public at large;
  • The Institution must be located on a minimum of 0.5 acre (4 kanals) land with required physical infrastructure;
  • That the institution has framed proper rules regarding the efficiency and discipline of its staff and other employees;
  • That provision has been made for well stocked library and well equipped laboratory facilities and other practical work where affiliation is sought in any branch of experimental science. Where affiliation is sought in IT fields due arrangements have been made for imparting instructions in a well-equipped IT laboratory having internet connectivity, which can cater to the course needs of students and teachers ;
  • viii)That the library shall have at least 50 books per subject as reference books and at least 200 books per subject for supplementary reading. The institution should spend at least Rs. 50,000/- per annum for updating the library by adding new editions and titles. The institution should subscribe 10 daily newspapers and 5 weekly periodicals;
  • That the library shall have seating facility for minimum of10% of the total number of students for that shift.
  • That institution shall have internet connectivity with appropriate number of computers depending upon the student’s population and the subjects offered;
  • That at least 10% of students be granted fee exemptions and scholarships on need basis;


City University

This emphasizes the importance the University attach to the attainment of excellent Education imbued with Godliness (fear of God) as Related to Human health and good living in all its programmes. This motto is the trailblazer of all academic pursuits in the University..

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