In this course, students will be exposed to the science and practice of Clinical Psychology. Students will learn about the clinical characteristics of many major classes of psychiatric disorders, and the scientifically validated treatments available for these conditions. This course is intended to provide information for those considering a career in clinical psychology, allowing those individuals to make informed choices regarding their future career choices.

For most people, their exposure to psychology comes mostly from popular books, magazines, and TV. The portrayal of psychology in the media has led to popular misconceptions about psychologists, and the types of work that they do. For example: Is Dr. Phil a good therapist? What does IQ measure, anyway? This course is designed to demystify psychotherapy, and introduce students to a scientific, theory-based, approach to Clinical Psychology. This class emphasizes critical thinking and is designed to help students to gain an understanding of the scientific strengths and limitations of various treatments for psychological disorders. We will discuss the three major activities of Clinical Psychologists (research, assessment, and psychotherapy) across their three most common work environments (university, medical school, and clinical settings). Additionally, we will discuss information relevant to those considering a career in psychology, allowing students to make informed decisions regarding their future career aspirations.


The O’level subject combination and requirements needed to study International Relations;

You require;

Five (5) SSCE credit passes including Mathematics, Biology, Physics, Chemistry, Economics, Business, Management, Geography, etc.