Business Administration courses prepare you to for a career in business management. Students that enroll in business administration courses learn about the different methods and policies regarding business management. Business administration courses enable students to effectively manage and administer tasks and projects according to international business standards. Students as well as professionals who plan on managing teams, tasks, and projects are highly recommended to take core business administration courses. Students and professionals can choose from a variety of different business administration courses. Business administration courses include business management, leadership skills, communication methodologies, business policies, trade and commerce, human resource management, financial management, and effective team development.
Business Administrators handle the operational, organizational, and managerial responsibilities of a company. They are known by many job titles including CEO, general manager, and operations manager. Business administrators are often the individuals who grew the company, often they relinquish their positions and chair on executive boards.
Administrators work in many industries including government, private agencies, firms, multinationals, universities and non-profit organizations. Business administrators, due to their various responsibilities, are proficient in several areas. These include accounting, strategic management, counseling, change management, marketing, sales, finance, and human resource.
The responsibilities of a Business Administrator includes:
• Implementing business procedures
• Assessing employee performance
• Relating to customers
• Negotiating contracts and deals
• Maintaining professionalism in the work place
• Mediating staff issues
• Interviewing and hiring staff
• Being a role model
• Motivating colleagues
• Improving goods and services
• Preparing financial data
• Networking with industry peers, competitors and prospective clients
• Promoting and marketing the business
• Minimizing expenditure
• Managing budgets
• Attending business meetings, events, and industry functions



The O’level subject combination and requirements needed to study Business Administration; You require; Five (5) SSCE credit passes including English Language, Mathematics, Economics, plus any two (2) of Accounting, Business Methods, Commerce, Government, Geography, and Statistics.

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