As a natural science, biochemistry is the study of the chemical processes that drive biological systems. … Because the field of biochemistry is continually evolving and touches many areas of cell biology, this course also includes an elementary introduction to the study of molecular biology.

This course explores the basic principles of biochemistry and develops the student’s appreciation and understanding of biological networks.

Our BSc Biochemistry course will give you a grounding in a subject that forms the basis of virtually all of the biological sciences.

Many exciting discoveries made in this area have contributed to our understanding of life, the solving of medical problems, and to the discovery and production of safe and effective drugs.

You will learn about topics such as the structure of biomolecules, and how they interact in essential processes and pathways in our cells.

You will also study the actions of enzymes, and how they can be inhibited by drugs, as well as genetic engineering and molecular biology.

Continuation onto the modern language, integrated master’s or industrial/professional experience course is dependent on certain academic criteria.



The O’level subject combination and requirements needed to study Biochemistry;

You require;

Five SSCE (5) credit passes in English Language, Chemistry, Mathematics, Physics and Biology