The students of hill city are currently preparing for their upcoming exams which will take place from 9th of December to 20th December, 2019. The lectures are going to be ending on Friday, 6th December, 2019. The students will be doing revision throughout the week to summarize all they have been taught and to make them have an idea of how the exams would be.

As we know, education is a test of knowledge. Students are busy studying in the library; most of them are having group discussions to enable them ready for the exams. A lot of them are also having tutorials and working hard towards the forth coming exams by doing online research through the use of internet and also making use of textbooks and handouts as well as previous examination questions to enable them have better idea of what the examination questions would be like and they assist each other to learn better by asking questions and getting answers and the ones they don’t know, they either ask the lecturer or they do research on their own to get answers.

The registration for the examination has started already as this will enable the students to get their exam clearance that will be used to write the examination. The exams are being conducted in different halls with students from different departments and levels, a hall number and seat number will be allocated to each student before the examination starts to enable them know where they will be seated throughout the examination period. Each student are expected to have their school identity card and also the examination clearance paper as the invigilators will check that before they enter the examination hall to write the exam.

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