Hill City University Accredited in Nigeria?

Hill - City University

Is hill city university accredited in Nigeria ? is a regular question asked during admission Process, by most Nigerian applicants. Firstly the question is basically not correct as the University is situated in Benin republic and Nigeria can only recognize international university and cannot accredit them.

The University was approved and accredited in Benin Republic as INSTITUT SUPERIEUR HCUB (HILL-CITY UNIVERSITY BENIN) by the Ministry of Higher Education, Research, Science and Technology, Benin with Authorization/Arête No: 044/MESRS/CAB/DC/SGM/DPP/DGES/SA du 30 Javier 2013, ANNEE 2015 NO: 327/MESRS/CAB/DC/SGM/DPP/DGES/DEPES/SA, ANNEE 2015 NO:  326/MESRS/CAB/DC/SGM/DPP/DGES/DEPES/SA.

Hill-City University (HCUB) commenced academic activities on the 30 of MAY 2013 through its first student’s intake. HCUB provides on–campus, off-campus, distance learning, open, flexible and work-based educational programmes that are unquestionably career driven.

HCUB also have several Activities involving movement to Nigeria towards improvement of Health Standard in Bagdagry Local Government

Admission into our university, is quick and easy if requirements are met.

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This emphasizes the importance the University attach to the attainment of excellent Education imbued with Godliness (fear of God) as Related to Human health and good living in all its programmes. This motto is the trailblazer of all academic pursuits in the University..

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