January 17, 2021


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Hill City university is ranked amongst the 1 – 10 Universities in Benin in terms of academic qualifications, LIST OF SOME ACCREDITED UNIVERSITIES IN COTONOU BENIN REPUBLIC Here is a List of private universities in benin republic, there have been debates about schools and their accreditation, which is a natural reaction that should be anticipated. Don’t worry, the sole aim of this article is to clear up any misunderstanding or question you may have about the universities here in the Republic of Cotonou, Benin. For some basic courses, which include List of engineering, social sciences, management science, law, and other courses, some universities are common and well accredited. In no special order, below is a list of some of the approved universities in the Republic of Benin in Cotonou: Hill-City University Benin (HCUB)International University of Management and Administration(IUMA)Ecole Professionelle Specialisee Universite La Cite ...
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City University

This emphasizes the importance the University attach to the attainment of excellent Education imbued with Godliness (fear of God) as Related to Human health and good living in all its programmes. This motto is the trailblazer of all academic pursuits in the University..

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